Why I open sourced Mujō.

By Jacob Lowe

Mujō is all about being mindful of your time. When it comes to web browsing we can spend a lot of time mindlessly surfing. Everyone does it. I do it all the time willingly and unwillingly. Mujō has helped me look at my browsing behavior and bring me back to my breath when those behaviors are not great. It makes me reflect a lot on my time on the web and the things that I value with the web.

Mindful browsing

There is this practice called mindful eating where you slow down your consumption and savor each bite of food. You feel the textures in your mouth and think about all the work that has been done to give you such a wonderful meal.

In that same mindset I sometimes think about the web and all the pieces that come together to make the web work. I think of not only the pieces but also all the humans that are working to make the web better. I like to think about how some of these people are working on web because they want to make the world a better more connected place, so much so they are willing to do it for free.

I love open source software because there is a bit of altruism that is innate in the nature of open source software. Some of the most wonderful people I have met and/or worked with have been open source contributors. People that will write some amazing code and think "I want others to be able to use this code, I want my code to help people".

Mujō source

I want Mujō to represent technology to help create better interactions between humans and computers. I do not want this to be just my version of what these interaction should be. I want Mujō to represent a more authentic version of what these better interactions are. So I am open sourcing Mujō to allow for a more transparent development of what a mindful browsing experiences looks like.

This will allow people to create their own version of Mujō. Allowing people to build their own features into Mujō. Will these features make it back into Mujō? Only time will tell. Mujō already partially supports Spanish and that is largely due to outside contribution from some wonderful human beings around the world. I am excited to see what you can build with Mujō.

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