Rage with technology

Technology can be frustrating. Not only does it attempt to get our attention in all times of the day but some times it can just flat out not work. Filling out a large form on a web page only to not be able to submit it due to some hidden validation errors can be infuriating.

Distress from what is not desirable.

We often will stress outselves out over things that are not desirable. This is often because we have an expected outcome from an action. For instance think about logging into a website.

We put our username and password into a field. The outcome we expect is that we can successfully login and access the account. Sometimes that is not the outcome we experience. We may forget our passwords, or even usernames. It happens and that is ok. We may even see some obscure errors and the login form we are using does not even function at all. It happens and that is ok.

When ever something like this happens there is instintual reaction to be frustrated. We had an outcome and that outcome was not fulfilled. We may even have physical changes in our behaviors that exhibit this frustration. We often do not even know how frustrated we are because of our frustration.

Being ok with unexpected outcomes

It is important to know that there are somethings that are out of our control. In these situations the only thing we can control is our reaction, to not having our optimal outcome fufilled, and how we feel about that. Why let some exteral thing control our feelings? The first part is noticing this behavior and being able to think about how we feel and why we feel that way.


Mujō can not help with all situations, but it is going to start trying to help. Mujō now is going to be detecting a common sign of frustration named rage clicks. This is a behavior many analytics platforms will use to find bad ux or broken functionality. Mujō is going to look at this metric to be able to bring frustrated humans back to their breath and hopefully allow them to view this unexpected outcome with technology a less infuriating way.

Screen time currently needs to be enabled for this to work on all sites. There is also an option in the settings to disable rage click detection. Try it out and let us know your feedback!